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Emotional first aid

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I have to confess to 'borrowing' this title from someone else but it makes so much sense I figured 'why change it?'. It seems to me that we are taught and learn so many practical life skills but generally lack the skills to manage and negotiate our emotions. I used to hold a very unconscious belief that as long as I looked after my physical health everything would be fine - early nights, 8 hours sleep, 5 fruit and veg a day, regular exercise and I'd live to be a ripe old age with no real problems. Imagine my surprise when I burned out at 34 and discovered the cause was mental and emotional stress and overload!

My biggest and most memorable lesson from counselling is that I'd never really been taught or learned much about feelings or emotions, let alone how to really look after my mental health. Learning to recognise and tend to my feelings was one of the most empowering lessons I've ever learned. As I progressed on my own journey and later became a therapist I discovered that not only was I not alone but that I belong to a very big club!

Most of us don't hesitate to seek medical help and advice when we feel physically unwell but are generally much more reluctant to ask for help when our feelings are hurt or our mental health is below par. We don't have to hit rock bottom for counselling and therapy to be useful. Learning and practicing emotional first aid can help us stay mentally and emotionally fit for the things that life inevitably throws at us.

If you'd like to start learning emotional first aid and become empowered to look after your emotional health drop me a line.

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